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Clark the Shark of Fielding Law: Personal Injury Attorney on The FISH 95.9 FM

Fielding Law, your 95.9 FM The Fish Attorney, led by Clark the Shark, showcases a devoted team of personal injury attorneys on 95.9 FM The Fish radio. Tune in to our radio ads expertly presented by Scott Valentine of the Scott & Sam show. Broadcasting throughout Southern California, with a particular emphasis on Orange County, we extend our legal expertise to those in need of robust legal assistance post-injuries. Clark Fielding, also known as Clark the Shark, encourages listeners facing legal challenges to connect with us. Our commitment transcends the airwaves, offering personalized and expert guidance to individuals dealing with personal injury issues. If you have sustained injuries, let Fielding Law be your ally, ensuring you receive the attention, care, and legal representation you deserve. Call Clark Fielding today and discover the impact of having a reliable advocate by your side.

95.9 FM The Fish Attorney

Scott Valentine of 95.9 FM the Fish
“The Scott & Sam Show”

“… That is Why I Always Recommend You. You Are a Legal Shark, a Good One That We Want on Our Side.”

Get to know Scott Valentine, the dynamic host on 95.9 The Fish. Teaming up with Sam, Scott delivers entertaining parenting tips, clean comedy, and the most uplifting music on the airwaves. Listening to Scott & Sam on 95.9 The Fish is the perfect way to kickstart your day, infusing joy and positivity into your mornings. Tune in for a delightful blend of laughter, parenting wisdom, and uplifting tunes, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience daily. Notably, Scott Valentine also engages in radio spots for Fielding Law, contributing to the support and aid offered to clients on their path to recovery after accidents. Begin your day on a positive note with Scott Valentine on 95.9 The Fish.

The Fish and Fielding Law Presents Thankful Thursday

Fielding Law, partnering with 95.9 The Fish, introduces Thankful Thursday—a program celebrating local Church Pastors, Staff, and Christian Schools. Nominate deserving candidates for a chance to receive a complimentary, delicious lunch as a token of appreciation. Weekly selections are made from listener nominations. Share your recommendations via the provided link, and every Thursday, tune in to 95.9 The Fish to discover the honored Church or School.

95.9 FM The Fish Attorney

Scott Valentine Interviews Clark the Shark at Fish Fest 2023 Irvine CA • FivePoint Amphitheatre

Fielding Law at FishFest

Fielding Law actively took part in Fish Fest 2023, distributing Shark swag, sunglasses, and dash cams. Clark Fielding, also known as Clark the Shark, participated in a thrilling interview with Scott Valentine at Fish Fest, held at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, California. This festival showcased renowned artists, creating a day filled with worship, fellowship, family activities, and more. Fish Fest, presented by 95.9 FM The Fish radio, made a lasting impression on the Southern California community!